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399. Irrationality. I do not mind contradictions, paradoxes, puzzles and ambiguities. What is the point of 'minding' something as inevitable and entrenched in our nature as out digestive system in our body? Of cource we can be rational and sensible but often so much of what defines us is the opposite - irrational and nonsensical. I am defined by the fact that I consider Jill to be beautiful and Jane to be unattractive, by the fact that I prefer blue-coloured things to green, by my taste for tomato juice and disdain for tomato sauce, and that sometimes rain falling will make me sad and at other times make me happy. I can't explain these choices but they and their kind contribute to the person I am as much as anything more reasoned and considered. I am as much myself 'irrational' as I am 'rational'. If this is true for me then it must be also true for Flavia. Perhaps we are all equally irrational as we blunder onwards. Perhaps in the end, this is what really distinguishes us from complex, powerful and allcapable machines, from the robots and computers that run our lives for us. This is what makes us human.

The Book of Transfiguration
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